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The Blog Modulo CRM was created in 2017 with the intention to share information about SAP platforms and to help SAP CRM, S4HANA Customer Management & C4hana(Cloud for Sales, Services, Marketing, Qualtrics, CDC/Gigya, CPQ/Callidus)  Consultants to get more from SAP´s Platform.

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Professional Experience (Founder)

My name is Cláudo Goulart, I started my career in 1992, working with corporative solutions in mining companies. In 1999, I changed my professional perspective and started my first project in CRM business, using Vantive in Telecom Industries, which I spent 8 years working as CRM Telecom Solution Architect.

Then, in 2006 I was invited to work on my first project as SAP CRM Functional Consultant in Utilities. I have plenty of experience in different modules and submodules inside of SAP CRM. I am an expert in the Interaction Center, Sales, Services, Marketing, and ERP Integrations.

Besides the baseline of SAP CRM, I had the opportunity to work in a different line of business, as Goods, Trade Promotion, Media, Call Center, Mining, Utilities, Heavy Machinery.

With the SAP Cloud technologies, I´ve become an expert in Cloud solutions and Customer Experience using the platform C4hana (C4Sales, C4Services, Marketing, Qualtrics, CDC/Gigya, CPQ/Callidus).

During those projects, the integration with SAP ERP (ECC and S4hana) became obligatory and the understanding of the integration between S4hana and C4hana was extremely necessary to adequate the CX process and ERP process.

Considering the integration between SAP C4hana and S4hana. It became so necessary, then I concentrate my energy to understand how it works. Today I am an expert in integrating SAP C4hana and S4hana using SAP Cloud Platform Integration.

The ModuloCRM is my blog, and it was created to share information for free. I really hope you enjoy it and comments will be welcome.

Contacts :



CellPhone :

  • Brazil: +55 (011) 9 8710 5635

LinkedIn :

skype id: claudio_goulart


  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese (Native)


  • Salesforce Administration (Certified id: 17325625)
  • SIEBEL 8.0 CRM (Certified Id: RC4LAM51FF)

Industry Solutions vs Customers Projects

  • Loyalty Management
    • BR Distribuidora – Rio de Janeiro – RJ
  • Trade Promotion Management
    • Brazil Kirin – São Paulo – SP
  • Media
    • Newspaper Estadão – São Paulo – SP
  • Utilities
    • Comgás – São Paulo – SP
    • Petrobras – Rio de Janeiro – RJ
  • Goods
    • Natura – São Paulo – SP
  • Telecom
    • CTBC Telecom – Uberlândia – MG
    • Telemig Celular – Belo Horizonte – MG
    • Vivo Telecom – São Paulo – SP
  • Mining
    • CBMM – Araxá – MG
  • Heavy Machinery
    • Ferreyros – Lima – Peru
  • Call Centers
    • CTBC Telecom – Uberlândia – MG
    • Telemig Celular – Belo Horizonte – MG
    • Vivo Telecom – São Paulo – SP
    • Ferreyros – Lima – Peru
    • Petrobras – Rio de Janeiro – RJ

SAP On-Premise (SAP CRM)

  • Interaction Center
  • URA/CTI (Avaya, Altitude, Alcatel) Integration
  • Services
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Partner Channel
  • TPM (Trade Promotion)
  • SAP / SOA Manager
  • SAP On-Premise S4Hana / C4Hana Integration

SAP On-Premise (S4Hana – S4 Customer Management)

  • Interaction Center
  • URA/CTI (Avaya, Altitude, Alcatel) Integration
  • Services
  • SAP / SOA Manager
  • SAP On-Premise S4Hana / C4Hana Integration

SAP C4Hana (Cloud for Customer)

  • Services
  • Sales
  • Analytics (SAC) & Reports
  • Cloud for Sales and Services integrated with S4hana, Marketing and Qualtrics.
  • Mobile offline and online
  • Cloud Application Studio

SAP C4Hana (Marketing)

  • Campaign (Facebook, SMS, Email, Google Ad Words, External Campaign)
  • Offers
  • Marketing integrated with Cloud for Sales, Services Marketing, Qualtrics e S4hana

SAP C4Hana (Qualtrics)

  • Survey integrated with Marketing Cloud and Cloud for Services

SAP C4Hana (CDC/Gigya)

  • Sites Configuration
  • Security
  • Screen-Sets
  • Email & SMS Communications
  • IdentitySync ETL (Import and Export Data)
  • JavaScript Integration

SAP C4Hana (CPQ/Callidus)

  • Products Catalogs
  • Quote Configuration
  • Pricing Configuration
  • Python Programming

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