SAP CPQ – Callidus – Transporting objects to Production Tenant

After months of good work, it´s time to Go-Live and sees what happens with your baby in the real world. Yes, that´s right. It´s the moment to transport your CPQ´s Solution to the Production Tenant. That´s what I will talk about in this document. I will describe step by step how to transport your objects to another tenant.

I hope you enjoy it!!


  1. Article
    1.1. Description
    1.2. Creating a new Custom Table
    1.3. Creating the Deployment Packages
    1.4. Sending the package to Production Tenant
    1.5. Deploying the Solution
    1.6. Checking the object deployed

Article: SAP CPQ – Callidus – Transporting objects to Production Tenant

SAP CPQ – Callidus – Retrieving Data using Web Services

Brief Description
The CPQ´s solutions are extremely powerful, but sometimes, to achieve the Customer requirements it´s necessary to extend the CPQ´s functionalities.
That´s the point of this document, I will provide some tips to access standard Web Services and extend the available solutions out-of-the-box inside of SAP CPQ.
I hope you enjoy it!!

1.1. Description
1.2. Registering a new Customer
1.3. Web Services Available
1.4. Executing the WS to login CPQ
1.5. Executing the WS to Get Customer Data

Article: SAP CPQ – Callidus – Retrieving CPQ Data using Web Services