SAP C4hana – C4C – Assigning Customer and Competitor role into the same Business Partner

Until the ends of 2019, it was not possible to assign to the same customer the role Customer and Competitor. It was a big problem because a Customer could be a Competitor in different business areas. To solve this kind of problem it would be necessary to create 2 records (Customer and Competitor).

This document has the objective to explain how to assign 2 roles (Customer and Competitor) into the same Business Partner in SAP C4C.
Honestly, it´s very easy to do it right now, however, it was a huge problem to explain to the Customer that weakness in a workshop meeting.

I hope you enjoy it!!


  1. Customization
    1.1. Overview
    1.2. Create a Customer
    1.3. Create a Competitor
    1.4. Demonstrating


SAP C4hana – Cloud for Sales – Transport Management

At the end of a project, it is necessary to transport all your good work for a different tenant (QA or PRD) to be tested by the users. And the previous version of Cloud for Sales, some activities had to be done manually.

After 1808 a new functionality was created to help us to finish those tasks faster.

That functionality is Transport Management, on this document I will describe how to transport objects from source system to target system.

I hope you enjoy it!!


  1. Customization
    1.1. Description
    1.2. Target System
    1.3. Transport Management
    1.4. Defining the Target System
    1.5. Checking the Transport Logs
    1.6. Release the transport
    1.7. Activating the transport on Target System
    1.8. Checking the Object Transported

Article: Transport Management

SAP Hybris C4C – How to change Account Data Massively ??

Always after Data Migration process, someone just forget to create a field, or fulfill some data, our just change something already update. And then, you have to create a development to update that data on Account records.

On SAP C4C, there is a feature which can change Account Data massively without any code. I am talk about “Mass Change Account Data” SAP Cloud for Customer feature.

That´s pretty cool, because you can update standard, and also Z Fields. On this article, I will create a Z Field on Accounts already created, and then change that field.

1. Customization
1.1. Description
1.2. Creating a Z Field on C4C
1.3. Make Z Field available on C4C Feature
1.4. Testing the functionality
1.5. Check Account data up

Article: SAP Hybris C4C – How to change Account Data Massively

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SAP Hybris C4C – Data Access Restrictions using Sales Territory

On this article the subject will be Data Restrictions using Sales Territories on SAP C4C. This feature is quite useful to Sales Solutions to implement data segregations, allowing the Sales Reps view only their Customers.

1. Customization
1.1. Description
1.2. Sales Territory definition
1.3. Configuring Business Role and Territories
1.4. Setting Users as Sales Employee from Territories
1.5. Testing Data Restriction

Article: SAP Hybris C4C – Data Access Restrictions using Sales Territory

SAP Hybris C4C – Integrating and replicating data from Cloud for Customer to Outlook

Nowadays the integration of any CRM Environment and E-mail software it crucial. Specially for Sales Team, Sales Rep and son on.
Thinking about it, I created an article of SAP C4C integrated with Microsoft Outlook. Describing step by step, how to configure, and mention the most important functionality of this integration.

1. Customization
1.1. Description
1.2. Downloading Microsoft Outlook Add-in
1.3. Editing C4C Project’s Scope
1.4. Accessing Microsoft Outlook
1.5. Synchronizing Contacts with Outlook
1.6. Checking Synchronized Data (Shelf)
1.7. Checking Synchronized Data (Accounts)
1.8. Creating an Activity in SAP C4C
1.9. Sending E-mails
1.10. Microsoft Outlook disconnect from SAP C4C

Article : SAP Hybris C4C – Integrating Microsoft Outlook

SAP Hybris C4C – Editing Form Template with Adobe LiveCycle

At last article, I talked about Easy Form Editor, and it make possible to change a feel things on Form. With Adobe LiveCycle bring us into a next level. Give to us more flexibility to change and manipulating data. And, using Java Script language to make things more interesting. The objective this article, is give an overview about the integration of SAP C4C and Adobe LiveCycle.

1. Customization
1.1. Description
1.2. Downloading Adobe LiveCycle
1.3. Demonstrating the Form Functionality
1.4. Adobe LiveCycle embedded on SAP C4C
1.5. Download the Form Template Locally
1.6. Change the LiveCycle C4C Template
1.7. Upload the C4C Template
1.8. Checking the C4C Template

Article : SAP Hybris C4C – Adobe LiveCycle

SAP Hybris C4C – Easy Form Editor

A Form is a representation pressed of a Business Object (Account, Sales Order, Sales Quote) and it can be change easily by SAP C4C. On those BOs, forms can be used to consolidate all pertinent data, for example Order Form, Quote Form and so on.

This article talk about Easy Form Editor. It´s a Feature of SAP C4C to take a standard form e change it as better fit to the customer´s process.

1. Customization
1.1. Description
1.2. Standard Form demonstration
1.3. Changing the Account Form
1.4. Testing the Account Form

Article : SAP Hybris C4C – Easy Form Editor

SAP Hybris C4C – Service Level Agreement (SLA)

The objective of this article is talk about the Service Level Agreement (SLA) on Business Object Ticket. It´s quite simple and of course every C4C project you will use it.

1. Customization
1.1. Description
1.2. Creating Service Level
1.3. Service Level Determination
1.4. Testing
1.5. Maintain the Service Level Agreement (Tips & Tricks)
1.6. Maintain the Working Day Calendar (Tips & Tricks)

Article : SAP Hybris C4C – Service Level Agreement (SLA)


SAP Hybris C4C – Rule Editor

With Rule Editor, is possible to let the functional consultant more free to create conditions and interact more with the C4C screen. In our example, we are going to make a field obligatory based of a selection of another field. That´s easy to do it in Rule Editor, however, I am sure that you will very satisfy with that feature launched on SAP C4C version 1702.

1. Customization
1.1. Description
1.2. Creating a Rule
1.3. Testing

Article : SAP Hybris C4C – Rule Editor

SAP Hybris C4C – Page Layout

On this article let´s talk about SAP C4C – Page layout, it is used to defined different screens depending of conditions and roles.

1. Customization
1.1. Description
1.2. Create a Page Layout
1.3. Defining Page Layout characteristics
1.4. Assigning Page Layout for Roles
1.5. Testing

Article: SAP Hybris C4C – Page Layout