SAP Marketing Cloud – Monitoring Data Replication

I am passionate about system integration, that´s why I have spoken so much about SAP´s and non-SAP integration so far. I truly believe the power of C4hana is how to know work with Marketing, C4Sales, C4Services, Qualtrics, Customer Data, Ecommerce and identify the best of each one.
This document details the monitoring of the inbound messages coming from SAP S4hana, as Business Partners, Material, Sales Orders, Sales Quotes, etc.
SAP Marketing Cloud has some tools to monitor the inbound messages and I will show you some tips of this functionality.

I hope you enjoy it!!


  1. Customization
    1.1. Overview
    1.2. Replicating data from S4hana
    1.3. Monitoring data replication into SAP Marketing Cloud
    1.4. Evaluating the replicated data into Import Monitor
    1.5. Using Data Load Monitor to consolidate all Inbound data replication


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