SAP Marketing Cloud – Trace Object Authorizations

During a project in Marketing Cloud, it´s necessary to define the Business Roles, and then you create a copy of standard roles and define your rules.

The problem comes up when something goes wrong, and then you need to check what happened. Because a specific group of people, should have access
to functionality and right now they cannot access anything you planned before.

The objective of this article is given to you a minimum of knowledge to beginning the search and identify what happened with your wonderful group of Business Roles.

I hope you enjoy it!!


  1. Marketing Cloud
    1.1. Description
    1.2. Activating the Authorization Trace
    1.3. Logging into Marketing Cloud with the User Id
    1.4. Checking the Authorization Trace
    1.5. Evaluating the Business Roles
    1.6. Adjusting the Business Roles
    1.7. Testing the Business Roles


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