SAP CDC – Gigya – Using Single-Sign-On in multiples Sites

Brief Description
Imagine that your company has different Web Sites, to sell different kinds of products. BUT the company wants to share the Customer Identification among those sites.
Would be nice, the customer to log into Web Site 1, and if he or she navigates to Web Site 2,3,4,5, the customer doesn’t need to be logging in again and again. Sounds good, isn’t it?
That´s What I will talk about in this document, how to share the same Customer Identification into different Web Sites.

I hope you enjoy it!!


  1. Article
    1.1. Description
    1.2. Configuring the CDC Sites
    1.3. Checking SAP CDC´s Database
    1.4. Testing the SSO among the Company Sites
    1.5. Navigating through Sites
    1.6. Checking the Sites Configuration and Identity Access
    1.7. Using JavaScript to check the User Connection

Article: SAP CDC – Gigya – Using Single-Sign-On in multiples Sites

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