SAP Hybris C4C – Using Business Configuration Object into Project Implementation

On this article, I will talk about parameter storage in cloud used to make the corporative decisions more flexible. During every I.T. Project, is requested to Consultants make things more flexible, considering change of processes in the future.

In SAP Hybris C4C, there is a specific location to determine all parameters and system configuration. I am talk about “BUSINESS CONFIGURATION”, where every C4C configuration is located.

Following the same directrix of SAP Hybris C4C, I will create a Business Configuration and make it available in same place, “BUSINESS CONFIGURATION”, keeping your solutions parameters in the right place.
1. Customization
1.1. Description
1.2. Creating Business Configuration Object
1.3. Creating Business Configuration Set
1.4. Creating Business Configuration View
1.5. Editing the Business Configuration View
1.6. Creating BAC Elements
1.7. Enabling the parameter on Implementation Project
1.8. Testing the configuration

Article : SAP Hybris C4C – Using Business Configuration Object in Project Implementation

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