SAP Hybris C4C – Using Mass Data Run in Cloud Application Studio to periodically interact with Business Objects standard or not

On this article, I will talk about Mass Data Run implemented in Cloud Application Studio. Mass Data Run is a C4C Feature, that allow create JOBs to apply in Business Objects, standard or not, to query and update data, considering a great logic complexity.

In our article, I will create a simple Business Object, and a method used to update data on this new BO. And then create a Mass Data Run to execute this method periodically.

It will be a simple example; however, the usability is huge.
1. Customization
1.1. Description
1.2. Creating Code List
1.3. Creating Business Object
1.4. Creating Scripts Files
1.5. Creating Query
1.6. Defining the logic to be executed by Mass Data Run on ABSL Script
1.7. Creating Mass Data Run
1.8. Granting access of our Business Object
1.9. Testing Mass Data Run

Article: SAP Hybris C4C – Cloud Aplication Studio using Mass Data Run


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